To Zero or not to Zero, that is the question…

Introduction A question that has been coming up quite a bit lately is related to the relative security of the different VMDK formats available for use within VMware vSphere. As most of you know, vSphere offers 3 basic disk formats. Lazy Zeroed Thick This is the standard format used by thick disks. Space is allocated […]

Oracle ‘Soft Partitioning’ and vSphere DRS Clusters

Those of you who have considered or are currently running Oracle workloads on VMware vSphere have probably come across the term ‘Soft Partitioning’ at some stage of your investigation. While the concept of Soft Partitioning has been around for a few years now, there still appears to be some confusion about what it actually means […]

Java Version 7 Update 51 and the vCO Client

You might have noticed that Oracle recently released Java Version 7 Update 51. Like most recent Java updates, this one is classified Critical and includes patches to close some 36 security vulnerabilities as well as some changes in functionality. As nearly all of these vulnerabilities are remotely exploitable, it’s highly recommended that you apply this update. […]