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Intergrating VSAN Observer with vCOps

So I haven’t posted in a while <insert excuse here> however it’s time to get back into it. So I thought I would start with integrating VSAN Observer into a vCOps Dashboard. The VSAN Observer is probably best described by Rawlinson as “The VSAN Observer is packaged with vSphere 5.5 vCenter Server. The VSAN observer is […]

Tuning vCOps for your environment – Part 5 – Capacity Management Tuning

In this next post I will finish off discussing Capacity Management and give all my recommended Capacity Management Policy settings for Production Server and VDI environments as well as the rational behind each major policy decision. This post continues on from my last post which covers the problems with capacity management reporting if policies are […]

Tuning vCOps for your environment – Part 4 – Capacity Management Models

In the next part of the DefinedBySoftware vCenter Operations Manger series we will be going through the complicated but important topic of Capacity Management of vSphere environments. This part of the series will focus on Capacity Management theory for vCOps, with the next post containing my recommended policy settings for accurate capacity management reports. First […]

Tuning vCOps for your environment – Part 1 – Alert Sprawl

As my first post to I thought I would post a multi-part series on tuning and using vCenter Operations Manager aka vCOps. vCOps in my personal opinion in a fantastic health and capacity management tool for monitoring virtualised environments. vCOps collects and analyses information from multiple data sources and uses advanced analytics algorithms to […]